The mission statement of the Island Lake Water Department is to operate and maintain all aspects of the Public Water supply in a manner which safeguards the health and wellbeing of the populace served.


Action statements to accomplish the mission statement:

  1. The Water Department will seek out and participate in education activities offered by The Federal and State Environmental Protection Agencies, The American Water Works Association, The Rural Water Works Association and any organization which may offer education programs leading to improved operations of the public water supply.
  2. The Water Department shall maintain an inventory of water treatment, pumping, distribution and storage equipment. This inventory shall be updated once a year by Water Department staff. The information shall be used to perform an annual in – house water capacity study. This information will be evaluated by a professional engineer for the purpose of conducting a capacity study and new master plan every five years or sooner.
  3. Scheduled maintenance programs shall be adhered to for all aspects of the water supply (hydrant flushing and repairs, water main valve exercising and repairs, and chemical feed equipment replacement or rebuilding.)
  4. Examination of water quality through water analysis shall be performed on a daily basis

The Water Department strives to be of service to the residents of Island Lake and hope that this link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is helpful.

We welcome any questions or comments, so please feel free to contact us at 847-526-1954, if you need additional assistance.


Water Department

Phone Number: (847) 526-1954 or select Public Works on the Contact Us link on our webpage:  Contact Us | Village of Island Lake,

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