Your Public Works department is proud to serve you, the resident of Island Lake. Our role within Village government is as varied as it is constant. Many of the tasks we undertake are sometimes not visible but help to enhance the quality of life in Island Lake.

We take extreme pride in providing you with some of the following services:

  • Probably the most visible task we undertake is snow and ice removal. This job is also probably the most time consuming and arduous undertaking. We are at the ready any time it may snow.
  • The Village is graced with an abundant amount of trees throughout town. These trees require periodic maintenance, in the form of trimming, to provide for adequate visibility and clearance along our 36 miles of roadway. Not only do we trim the trees as needed, we also are on 24 call should the weather damage them.
  • Any time it rains, a storm sewer system comprised of underground basins and piping carries this water away from the roadway and your home. The conveyance system is quite extensive and requires constant maintenance.
  • The approximate 36 miles of roadway, within the Village, is constantly in need of maintenance in some form or fashion. Repairs could be as simple filling a pothole to repaving the entire road itself.
  • Stop signs, street name signs and all the other informational signs along the road-edge require upgrading and replacement throughout town.
  • Our numerous Parks and Beaches are kept clean and safe by our department as well.
  • The equipment used to maintain all of the varied village properties are repaired, as much as possible, within our facilities.

These are just some highlights of the things the Public Works Department undertakes to provide you with a safe and well maintained community. If you have any queries regarding our work, service, or just want to ask a simple question, please call Public Works.


Public Works Department

Phone Number: (847) 526-8767 or select Public Works on the Contact Us link on our webpage:  Contact Us | Village of Island Lake,


NPDES Phase II documents are available for viewing below.


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