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Oct 11 Fall Festival

Saturday, Oct. 11 The Chamber is once again sponsoring the 2nd Annual Fall Festival Saturday, Oct. 11 from 2 - 5 p.m. at Veteran's Park. The children will be able to pick the pumpkin of their choice to decorate, fr

If you need help paying bills

If you or anyone you know needs help with their bills there is a website: that has a wealth of information for those in need.

Duckweed Removal

DUCKWEED REMOVAL! That pesky green plant that floats on the water is one of the most difficult and expensive aquatic weeds to control. It is very invasive and can multiply X2 every 48 hours

November Election - Election Judges, Register to Vote, Voting by Mail, and Early Voting

November 4th Election Are you the one Dependable. Friendly. Accurate. Great customer service skills. Is this you*quest* If so, apply to be an election judge. You can help your community and ensure the integrity of the

Lions Cornfest on August 17th at Watertower Park

The Lions will have their 56th annual Cornfest on August 17th from noon - 6pm at Watertower Park Join the family fun and enjoy free sweet corn. There will be food and refreshements, kids games, hole in one golf contest

Oakwood Hills Power Plant Hearing on October 9th

There will be another hearing for the proposed power plant in Oakwood Hills on October 9, 2014. Business on the power plant is not expected to take place until October, when developers said they would address the numero

New Village Sign at Converse Park

Construction has started on the new message sign located at Converse Park.

Electric Bills - Going back to ComEd

Since First Energy is significantly higher this year, the Village has done it's homework and found that ComEd currently has the best rate. There is a comparison in the download. DO NOTHING and YOU WILL BE automatica

Food Pantries in McHenry County

Residents who live in McHenry County (in the McHenry School District) and need food can go to the food pantries listed on the download below.

IDNR Fish Survey on Island Lake

A few pictures from the Lake Survey conducted by the IDNR Fisheries. Ken Wick had the privilege of being invited to help out! A great experience from a different view. A full written report should be completed by years e

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